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Contraception Method -- IUD Consultation & Insertion in Melbourne (Hormonal IUD Only)

Camberwell Medical Group provides comprehensive women's health services relying on general practitioners, medical specialists, and allied health services. A formal consultation is required prior to the procedure date.
Our family planning services include long-term reversible birth control solutions, such as contraceptive implants and intrauterine device (IUD) insertion and removal in Melbourne.

*Please note we don't provide Copper IUD insertion service.

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Inserting an IUD

This contraception procedure involves safely inserting an IUD - a small, often T-shaped birth control device or a coil - into your uterus to prevent pregnancy reliably. While the implantation process can be uncomfortable, it protects for up to 12 years.
Inserting an IUD usually requires less than five minutes. First, we'll place a speculum into your vagina. Then, using a customised inserter, we'll gently place the IUD through your cervix opening and into the uterus, where it will stay.
The IUD works by releasing copper into your womb, altering the condition of the cervical mucus, and making it harder for sperm to survive to reach and fertilise an egg. The disruptive presence of the device can also help prevent conception.

Safe IUD Removal

When you're ready to conceive, we offer convenient IUD removal in Melbourne.
The removal process is as easy, usually less painful, and quicker than insertion. We use forceps to grasp the IUD strings and gently ease the device out, with the IUD designed to fold in as it slides through your cervix. 
Once we've removed the device, you can proceed with your exciting fertility journey without UID-related after-effects.

Rely on Us for Professional IUD Insertion and Removal

The Camberwell Medical Group provides experienced and reliable family planning advice and services in a friendly and professional manner.
Our highly qualified team dedicates themselves to superior outcomes through in-depth and personalised understanding and caring. 
In addition, for your convenience, we are also located within easy reach of public transport and other specialist services.

Image by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition
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