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Yellow Fever Vaccine Melbourne

The Yellow Fever vaccine is a highly effective and safe way to protect against the Yellow Fever virus.

Yellow Fever vaccination is often mandatory for travelers entering or transiting through countries where the virus is prevalent. Some countries may require proof of vaccination as a condition of entry. Common examples include:

1. African Countries:
   - Angola
   - Burkina Faso
   - Democratic Republic of the Congo
   - Ethiopia
   - Ghana
   - Kenya
   - Nigeria
   - Senegal
   - Sudan
   - Uganda

2. South American Countries:
   - Brazil
   - Colombia
   - Ecuador
   - Peru
   - Venezuela

It is crucial to check the specific travel requirements of your destination and any countries you may be transiting through to ensure compliance with their Yellow Fever vaccination policies.

When is Yellow Fever Vaccination Necessary?
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends Yellow Fever vaccination for individuals aged 9 months and older who are traveling to, or living in, areas at risk of Yellow Fever transmission. It is essential to receive the vaccine at least 10 days before entering a Yellow Fever-endemic area to ensure full protection.


People who should not receive the yellow fever vaccine?

The following people should not receive the vaccination:

  • Anyone younger than nine months of age

  • Anyone with allergies to eggs

  • Anyone who has had a severe reaction to a previous dose, or component, of the vaccine

  • Anyone with a weakened immune system (such as those with HIV/AIDS)

  • Anyone with a history of thymic disorder


How often do I need to get the yellow fever vaccine? Are there required boosters?

The great thing about the yellow fever vaccine is that you only need to get it once; one dose and you have lifelong immunity. On consultation with their doctor, however, some people might consider getting a booster if they’re planning on travelling to a high risk area and its been over 10 years since their vaccination.

Can I enter Australia if I don’t have a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate?

If you’re entering Australia from a yellow fever risk country without a yellow fever vaccination certificate, you will still be allowed to come in. You’ll be met by a biosecurity officer from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources who’ll give you a stern talking to and impress upon you the seriousness of the disease and hand you a Yellow Fever Action Card, which details what to do if you develop symptoms in the next six days.

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