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Our Sexual Health Clinic in Melbourne Offers a Range of Services for Women and Men

Do you require advice and information about sexual health or testing and treatment for an intimate condition? If so, reach out to the friendly staff at our sexual health clinic in Melbourne. Our medical practitioners offer contraception counselling, guidance on preventing sexually transmitted diseases, STD screening, plus medical care.

You may prefer to attend a sexual health clinic that provides targeted services, confidential systems, and dedicated expertise rather than visiting your local general practitioner if you suspect you may have a sexually transmissible infection (STI) or related symptoms.

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  • Our patients include sex workers, sexual assault victims, and people with disabilities.

  • Young people between the ages of 15 and 29 years, and those who are intimate with same-sex partners, opposite-sex partners, or both, from all populations.

  • Testing may include answering questions, an examination of and swabs from your genitals, plus blood and urine samples, among others.


Our team of experienced, skilled medical professionals at the Camberwell Medical Group offers extensive wellness services and quality healthcare, comprehensive specialist, and allied health services to the entire community.

Our sexual health services for women include:

  • Family planning

  • Contraception - including IUDs and Implanon, a birth control implant

  • Pregnancy and maternity care

  • Breast checks

  • Cervical screen tests

  • Pap smears

  • Menopause assistance

Our sexual health services for men include:

  •  Erectile dysfunction

  • Prostate care


Our team may contact you to book an appointment for repeat testing, pathology results, or general follow-ups as we commit ourselves to preventative care. Let us know if you don’t wish to participate in these. We can also advise you on smoking cessation and the issues around alcohol and drug use that may lead to dicey sexual behaviour.

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Take Care of Your Sexual Health With Our Help

Your reproductive and sexual well-being is a big part of your life that can upset or be affected by other health aspects, including the social, emotional, mental, and physical. Our diversely qualified medical professionals can educate you about possible risks, how to keep yourself and your partners safe and prevent pregnancy. Visit our sexual health clinic in Melbourne if you experience pain, restrictions, or problems during intercourse. Likewise, if you merely want a medical check-up to ensure everything is working as it should or are concerned about a possible health issue.

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