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Women’s Health Clinic Melbourne

You will find the help you need from our women’s health clinic in Melbourne.

We offer Breast Cancer Screening, Cervical Screen Test, Pregnancy and Maternity care, Family Planning, or Menopause Support. Our experienced, friendly, and professional practitioners can check the status of your sexual health and advise on Contraception and STD prevention and treatment. Our team at Camberwell Medical Group provides comprehensive general practitioner, specialist, and allied health services.


Our Female General Practitioners Provide Continuity of Care

You have discovered the right option if you want an ongoing, trust-based relationship with a team of caring doctors who aspire to get to know you well. Our practitioners undertake routine examinations, treat the common medical conditions you present with, and will refer you to an appropriate medical consultant for specific or urgent care if required.

  • Our services include reviewing your medical history, performing physical exams to assess your health, ordering additional tests if needed, prescribing treatment, and referring you to a specialist.

  • As GPs in a modern healthcare centre, we form part of a medical team that provides patients with optimum care in a warm, ethical, and professional environment. Your doctor can perform a manual breast check in Melbourne to detect changes, lumps, or discharges. They may suggest you undergo mammography or utilise alternative screening methods such as a breast MRI, ultrasound or tomosynthesis to diagnose any problems you may have early.

  • We commonly perform pap smears in Melbourne along with a pelvic assessment. The procedure involves removing cells from the surface of the cervix and surrounding areas to check for signs of cell changes that may lead to cervical cancer. Doing so also enables us to screen for other conditions, including inflammation and infections.

We offer mixed billing, nursing support and pathology services under one roof at our conveniently located Camberwell clinic, with ample on-site and nearby street parking.

What to Expect From Our Children’s Health Clinic in Melbourne

Our general practitioners focus on your and your child’s overall mental and physical well-being, aiming to keep you and your kids fighting fit and out of the hospital. We attend to common childhood illnesses and immunisations, perform allergy tests and provide appropriate treatments.

  • No matter the good practices and precautions staff may take, your kids can get sick in schools and childcare centres. It is challenging to permanently prevent colds and influenza, gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis, ear, and other infections.

  • Feel free to make an appointment with one of our GPs if you suspect your youngster may suffer from a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), sinusitis, hand, foot, and mouth disease (HMFD), or strep throat. We gladly accept new patients.

  •  Our qualified family doctors are available to provide a diagnosis and prescribe the necessary remedies, whether you or your child suffers from an acute illness or we need to manage a chronic disease together.

  • Fortunately, we can prevent most serious childhood illnesses via vaccinations. Our children's GP in Melbourne does healthy kid’s checks as part of our family medicine and paediatrics services and provides preventative care and advice.

  • 4Cyte Pathology is located in our centre, which means your entire family has easy access to breath, blood, and urine tests besides sample collection.

Our Camberwell Medical Group clinic is open 7 Days a week to provide you with the healthcare you need.

Female Family Members

Professional Yet Friendly Female Wellness Services

Our practice provides holistic care, where we treat a wide range of health concerns. 

  • IUD insertion removal in Melbourne. We offer family planning solutions which include contraceptive solutions such as the placement of an Intrauterine Device (IUD). In this form of birth control, we insert an IUD into uterus for reliable pregnancy prevention. This solution last for between 5 to 10 years and, when you are ready to conceive, is reversible. Depending on your pain tolerance, the insertion process may hurt, but most likely, you’ll only experience brief discomfort.

  • Implanon Insertion and Removal. Implanon is a safe birth control method designed for busy women seeking a reliable and straightforward way to prevent pregnancy. This small plastic rod, inserted under the skin, slowly releases progestogen for up to three years, offering 99.9% effectiveness.

  • Medication for abortions in Melbourne. In case of an accidental pregnancy, we also offer pregnancy termination in a safe and caring environment.

  • Antenatal care in Melbourne. Our pregnancy care services include monitoring your baby's development by measuring its weight and blood pressure, ultrasound, and pre-empting complications by our skilled healthcare professionals. A qualified team member will also conduct urine and blood sample tests to ensure the mom-to-be is healthy.

  • Regular checks. We also do breast cancer screenings to detect changes in your tissue and ensure successful treatment from the early discovery of abnormal cells. In addition, you can come to us for regular pap smears, where we sample cervical tissue for potentially cancerous cells.

  • Menopausal management. Symptoms of this condition include hot flashes, reduced libido, and weight gain. We help women navigate through this natural process caused by reduced hormonal levels. Once we have diagnosed that your symptoms are as a result of menopause, we offer treatment thereof that may include medication and advice on lifestyle changes.

We also provide Ingrown toenail removal to treat pain related to this condition and restore your mobility. If you have growths on your skin that you want to remove because of their size or because they cause discomfort, we offer skin lesion removal in Melbourne. This procedure may also prevent the growth of cancerous or precancerous cells.

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