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Our Fee Structure

Bulk Billing  (Between Monday & Friday) is available for:

  • Children under 16 years old (Medicare Card Holders ONLY)

  • Health Care Card Holders, Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card Holders & Pension Card Holders

  • Repeat Scripts at discretion of the doctor

  • Review for ONLY results (Please note: If the results require further investigations, a private fee may be charged)

(Face-to-face consultation and Telehealth appointment both included) 

*Please note;

  • Mental Health consult, care plan setup and review will be privately charged. Private fees apply to everyone.

  • Saturday /Sunday fees apply to everyone

  • Emergency & Walk-in apt's will be privately charged extra $45 on top of standard practice fees.

Updated 15.01.2024

Please bring your Medicare Card, Concession Card, or Private Health Insurance card to your appointment. 

Fee summary: 


  • To cancel or reschedule an appointment, patients are required to provide at least 2 hours' notice prior to the scheduled appointment time. Cancellation or rescheduling can be done by contacting us via 03 98357611.

  • Failure to provide the required 2-hour cancellation notice will result in a cancellation fee of $30. This fee is charged to offset the costs associated with the appointment slot and helps us provide better service to all our patients.

  • If a patient does not show up for their scheduled appointments three times without providing adequate notice, we regretfully inform the patient that our practice will no longer be able to accommodate their appointment bookings. This policy ensures that we can continue to serve our patients efficiently and fairly.

  • We understand that emergencies and unforeseen situations may occur, and we will consider these cases on an individual basis.

**It is the responsibility of the patient to be aware of and adhere to this appointment cancellation policy. By scheduling an appointment with us, patients agree to comply with these terms.**

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Billing Weekend.png

Additional Fees

Please note: all procedures incur private charges (Concession card holders and children < 16 years will be charged at a reduced rate)

  • Liquid Nitrogen: $45

  • Ear Syringe: $45​

  • Steroid Injection: $50 per site

  • Simple Dressing: $10

  • Moderate Dressing: $20

  • Complex Dressing: $30

  • Implanon Insertion: $90

  • Implanon Removal: $120

  • IUD  Insertion: $250 (including $55 Instrument Fee)

  • IUD Removal: $90

  • Skin Biopsy: $90

  • Complex Procedure or More than one site Biopsy: $150

  • Sutures for Laceration: $80

  • Spirometry: $75

  • Plaster Cast: $50

  • Removal Plaster Cast: $50

  • Accessible Parking Permits application: $45

  • Multi-purpose Taxi Program application: $45

  • NDIS application: $45

  • Please Note: Concession card holders and children under 16 who had liquid nitrogen or skin check need to pay the full consultation fee. ($45 out-of-pocket cost)

**We understand that unexpected medical expenses can be a burden, and we encourage patients who are experiencing financial hardship to discuss payment options with their treating doctor. 

Cancellation Policy and Fees

TAC & Work Cover Payments

From July 1, 2023, all work cover and TAC patients will be billed privately at Camberwell Medical Group. Patients will be required to pay for their medical services directly to CMG at the time of their appointment or as per the billing arrangements agreed upon. 

Private Health GP Appointment Fees

For all our patients who have Private Health Insurance (without a medicare card), you pay the consultation fee on the day of your appointment of which we issue you a receipt and then you can claim back with your private health insurance company. 

Allied Health and Cosmetic Service Fees

Our clinic provides on-site Allied Health and Cosmetic Services. These services have separate fees.

To find out about what costs are involved with these services, please contact our reception.

Pathology Service Fees

4Cyte Pathology is located within the centre and offers bulk-billing for current Medicare card holders. For any patient that has private health insurance then you must contact 4Cyte Pathology to discuss the fee structure.

They are open Monday to Friday from 8.30 am- 14.30 pm. Saturday 8.30 am - 12.30 pm.

Patients must already have a referral slip from their doctor before tests can be done.


Medical Reports that are to be issued for private institutions, such as legal or insurance companies or for pre-employment purposes or Commercial Driver’s License, will attract a fee. This fee will be discussed prior to rendering any services. 

Medicare Online and Safety Net

Technology is now available for you to automatically receive your Medicare Rebate at the time of payment straight into your bank account, rather than manually claiming it later. This way, you effectively only pay the gap.

The Medicare Safety Net protects you against excessive out-of-pocket costs during times when health services are required on a frequent basis and it limits these costs in any given calendar year. Access to this scheme is via Medicare.

Please click here to learn more about this scheme via medicare.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact our reception.

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