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10 tips to avoid seasonal allergies such as hay fever this spring

It’s September, and it is that time of the year where the sun is beaming, the weather is warming and the fragrant flowers are blooming. Especially after a cold Melbourne winter, it’s only fair for that as Melbournians, we look forward to a warm spring.

However, it is also that time of the year with an increase of pollen in the air. Which for many people means watery and itchy eyes, relentless sneezing, fatigue and more. Pollen that comes from grasses, trees and weeds that trigger what we commonly know as asthma and allergic rhinitis (hay fever).

  • Almost 18% of Australians are impacted by allergic rhinitis every year.

  • Additionally, almost 80% of people that have asthma also have allergic rhinitis.

Which, along with the above symptoms can lead to more frequent sinus infections, impact sleep and affect quality of life.

The great news is that there are ways this can be prevented and also treated!

Camberwell Medical Group has put together 10 tips to help you spring into wellness and away from allergies this time of the year-

Tip 1. Stay indoors during trigger times-

This includes after midday, windy days and thunderstorms.

Tip 2. Delegate outdoor house chores-

Get someone else to mow the lawn (while you stay indoors).

Tip 3. Alter your activities-

If you go for an outdoor run during trigger times, then perhaps run on a treadmill instead.

Tip 4. It's clearer on the coast-

If you’re planning a holiday, instead of a parks destination look at seaside alternative.

Tip 5. Equip yourself-

Carry tissues, wear a cap, put on sunglasses or even slip on a mask when lawn mowing.

Tip 6. Change and wash-

Shower and change your clothes frequently if you have been in contact with pollen.

Tip 7. Spring is for everyone-

Enjoy the spring bloom but with low-allergenic plants or even maybe have a low-allergenic garden. Native Australian plants such as citrus, lavender, and azaleas are great options.

Tip 8. Shut out the pollen-

Close car windows and windows at home. Use recirculating air conditioning.

Tip 9. Treat it-

There are OTC (over the counter) antihistamines that can help relieve your symptoms including nasal congestion. Speak or check with your GP for more information.

Tip 10. Book in a GP checkup-

We recommend booking in a checkup with one of our GPs to discuss any symptoms and concerns, to find a treatment that works for you.


We want you to give yourself every opportunity to enjoy Spring the way you should. As your local GP, we offer advice, checkups and evaluate the best solution for your health and wellness.

We at Camberwell Medical Group are devoted to the health and wellbeing for our patients. We hope these tips will assist you through spring.

Have a healthy and happy spring!

Camberwell Medical Group- GP, Specialist and Allied Health Services

566 Riversdale Rd,

Camberwell, VIC 3124

03 9835 7611

Providing the whole family full service for their health and well-being through genuine care.

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