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Book a Pap Smear Test

Booking regular pap (Papanicolaou) tests and pelvic exams may help identify and address abnormal cervical cell changes before they progress, reducing the likelihood of the affected cells developing into cancer.

A pap smear at our clinic in Melbourne is a top priority, an essential element of your healthcare routine. In addition, ongoing normal pap smear results provide invaluable reassurance and peace of mind beyond early abnormality or precancerous cell detection and, if necessary, reduced therapy and treatment times.
Early detection also limits the chance of spreading and boosts the chances of recovery.

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More About Your Pap Smear
The pap smear procedure is typically painless and quick, conducted as part of a comprehensive pelvic examination.
The process involves your medical professional using a small brush to remove cells from the cervix surface and surrounds. These cell samples are then examined under a microscope for cell changes or cervical cancer. The test can also help identify inflammation and infections.
For healthy women aged 21 to 65, we recommend booking your pap smear test at least once every three years. Younger menstruating women can reduce this to once every five years. Older ladies with a healthy pap smear record may be able to stop testing, but only under their doctor's supervision.
At the same time, certain existing medical conditions, lifestyles, and family histories may warrant more frequent exams – please ask your medical professional for advice.

Place Your Trust in Us

Our practitioners collaborate with you in a trust-based relationship to address and manage your female and overall health. We provide our services with compassion and warmth in the welcoming and comforting environment of our pap smear clinic in Melbourne. 

In addition to comprehensively reviewing your medical, family, and lifestyle history, we conduct routine examinations, including prescribing treatment, ordering additional testing, and making referrals, if required.

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